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The Gospel is good news – always. There is never any bad news in the Good News!

I’ve spoken many times about the pitfalls of mixing the 2 primary covenants found in Scripture: Old Covenant from Mt Sinai – where the LAW was handed down. And the New Covenant, begun at Calvary – where GRACE was rained down upon us, and continues to rain.

Mix them together – and most people do – and it is easy to get confused. Double-minded, says James. The Law made nothing perfect. The Law did not take away sin. The Law did not enable us to overcome sin. Law did not help us do right – not in the very least little bit!

It just told us right from wrong – and commanded us to do ‘right.’ With punishment in store for failure. The Law was given through Moses, but grace and truth were realized through Jesus Christ. John 1:17.

Law had a good purpose, described in Gal 2:24-27. To lead us to despair of our own abilities and to place our trust in Christ. With our trust in Christ, we are justified by FAITH. Now that faith has come, we are no longer under that tutor, the Law. We have become sons of God. That’s more than a nice expression: it is the TRUTH!

The Law has expired for we who have clothed ourselves with Christ. So then, why do we all tend to mix them together at times? Well, God leaves us IN the world, which has a 100% total mindset of performance. Perform. Achieve. Attain. The Law at work – driving men to Christ if they will only open their hearts to listen.

Although we are in the world, let us as Gal 5:1 declares, stand firm in the Spirit. Reminding ourselves that we have been crucified with Christ and already risen with Him in new life. We choose to walk by faith and the Spirit, and not by obedient performances to some standard.

Today my friend, may the Spirit of the Living God help you to walk IN this world, by FAITH in Christ Jesus, in His finished work – and COME ALIVE!


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