You Ain’t No Olive – 164

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The Gospel is good news – always. Never any bad news in the Good News!

When we see Jesus in the Gospels we see God. We study Jesus in the Gospels, we come to understand the character, nature, of God, for Jesus is the exact representation of God. To see Jesus is the see God. Hebrews 1:3, John 1:18 & 14:9. 

Puzzled over the will of God? Just look at Jesus. Don’t let religious thinking, mixed covenant thinking, worldly or demonic thinking get you confused.

We know sickness is not from God. Ever. How do we know? We look at Jesus! Who did Jesus make sick or refuse to heal? To whom did He say “This sickness is from God teaching you a valuable lesson that God’s grace and mercy and kindness could not.”

What about crushing? You know, the parallel comparing us with an olive – where we are told that just like an olive we need to be squeezed, crushed, before the oil of the Spirit, the good stuff, will be revealed to the world.

Not true! It presumes you are still filled with pride and wickedness and it has to be crushed out of you. My friend, you have died with Jesus and risen with Him. He is in you; you are in Him. A new creation! To whom did Jesus say the terrible stuff they were experiencing was crushing by His father to cleanse them from unrighteousness and sin, stuff His blood could not do. Ridiculous! Who did Jesus advise when they came to Him for help that He had to leave them alone for the crushing to be completed? No one!

The storms of life REVEAL our faith – they do not build faith. Check out the disciples in the storm on the lake in Mk 4. Jesus said to His disciples, “Where is your faith?” NOT this storm is building your faith, aren’t you glad to be in it? And He immediately stopped it, right?

Faith comes from hearing the word of God concerning Jesus! Ro 10:17.

Yes, in this world we WILL have tribulations – BUT Jesus didn’t say “The Father has sent them to grow us up.” He said, “Take courage for I have overcome the world.” Jn 16:33. It’s time to believe the truth, my friend, and COME ALIVE – for the Good News IS Good News!


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