We are Available for…you!

We share the Gospel. Our message is JESUS!

JESUS is best when you experience Him. First hand. In person. Alive.

Because of Jesus and Calvary, the Father is not angry with you. He is always in a good mood when it comes to you. If you look up quickly, you might see Him smiling down upon you (just kidding, but He is pleased with you, all because of Jesus).

We don’t have a freeze dried Jesus to offer, nor a shrink wrapped Jesus, a Jesus program, a Jesus DVD, nor a 7 steps to success book to offer.

We are available to share the Good News and it’s all about JESUS –

  • with you
  • with your church/group/school/business
  • with…. (whosoever)
  • in a C.A.F.E. setting

Contact us – we are located in Austin, Texas