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Last time we looked at 1 Peter 5:7, “Casting all our cares upon Him for He cares for you.” Everything that steals our peace of mind – even the little things in our day to day life, matters very much to our Father!

Then we looked at the preceding verses, 5 & 6, and heard Peter telling us to put on humility, for God is opposed to the proud but gives GRACE to the humble. Let us humble ourselves – like the children of Israel in the Exodus from Egypt. At the proper time, God exalted them. They went out victorious and although some things went wrong in the desert (unbelief), Israel made it through by God’s hand, conquering over 30 kings in the process and possessing their Promised Land.

Peter warns that the proud, those who deal with life on their terms, will not have God’s help. And nor will those who worry, for both do not cast life’s cares over to God. He wants to help, is waiting to help, but they are resisting Him.

There’s more to learn about worry and fear. If we look at the following verses 8 & 9, we find Peter urging us to be on the alert for the devil is roaring like a lion! I’ve been to Africa, and there is nothing like a lion roaring to send a shiver up your back, fill your heart with fear and urge you to take action, any action, to get away from there.

In the Garden of Eden the devil suggested to Adam and Eve that God could not be trusted; that He had questionable motives. But if THEY took action – they could become as gods.

No different today, friends. We have mixed up messages all around: God is good, but He is going to beat the daylights out of you. He loves you but might send cancer on you to teach you a lesson. Untruths urging us to distrust God – to discount the precious blood of the Lamb.

We’ve all heard those evil thoughts, “Don’t wait for God – He can’t be trusted – YOU TAKE ACTION – now!”

Don’t listen to those evil words. Humble yourself by rolling your cares onto God’s big big shoulders. Wait patiently for His deliverance – for He is faithful – and COME ALIVE!


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