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Are you stressing out in trying to fulfill your destiny? Trying to accomplish something great (by human standards at least)?

Well, listen, Father has given us the gift of LIFE – to enjoy, and in doing so we shall fulfill our destinies. DON’T STRESS OUT – but CHILL OUT as you ENJOY – THIS – LIFE!

Thanks to JESUS, there is now JOY in LIVING. In living under the New Covenant. Friend, we cannot fail, or come short, for God has already JUSTIFIED us. He has already made us the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. 2 Cor 5:21. He is NOT DISAPPOINTED when He looks at you, dear believer!

We are accepted in the Beloved! We are IN Christ. In order for the Father to judge us, He would have to judge His Son again. He cannot do that.

Although Jesus has given us a COMPLETE SALVATION – religion will say that we have come short and there is something more for us to do. NO! It is a Great Salvation. Heb 2:3. God, having performed such a great salvation, now simply wants us to enjoy it with Him! To plumb its depths and heights and give glory to His Son.

Thanks to religion we find Christians worldwide who believe in salvation by grace, but also believe it is all up to them. They are racked by thoughts of “am I good enough?” Perhaps you are one of them.

Remember Ro 5:17? We’ve been given the GIFT of RIGHTEOUSNESS through which we will reign in this life. Religion, and culture today, stresses performance. Great performance earns the reward, and there are plenty of losers. That is not the KINGDOM message.

So, if you have been caught up in DOING, STRIVING, STRESSING OUT to hear the Master say, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant,” stop! New Covenant life is BEING. BEING IN CHRIST. Being at the feet of Jesus. Just BE in Jesus and allow Him to do it.

Today, let us cease striving, but enter His rest, allow HIS ministry to flow through us, as we COME ALIVE!


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