Living Grace Support Group

Healthy Solutions for your Mind: A small group experience to reduce stress and renew life!


+ Reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other challenges.

+ Increase overall wellbeing (“mental health recovery”).

+ Renew meaningful life in Christ Jesus.

Living Grace is a 16 week curriculum for your personal or small group experience to guide you through simple biblical and neuroscience insights and tools to reduce stress, depression, anxiety, and other challenges.


+ Your True Identity

+ God is Bigger than our Weakness

+ Medication (What does the bible really say?)

+ Renewing Your Mind (4 step tool)

+ Mindful of Grace (tools to calm the mind)

+ Managing Stressors and much more!

Come Alive Ministries is facilitating this group in Cedar Park, TX.
– The Fall 2018 group began in September.
– The Spring 2019 group (continuation of Fall 2018) resumed early January
– it’s not too late to join in! 

Begin anytime – each session is stand-alone.

 Contact us NOW for information, time and place. 

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The Living Grace course is from Grace Alliance. Grace Alliance is a non-profit organization providing mental health recovery programs, support groups, training, and collaborative partnerships.