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Jer 31:3 – “I have loved you with an everlasting love; Therefore I have drawn you with lovingkindness…”

Everlasting love. Eternal. Never vacillating, oscillating, fluctuating. Never dries up under the Summer heat or freezes up in Winter’s cold. Steadfast. Constant and perennial. Out of that love God, it says, draws us to Himself. The Holy Spirit is constantly at work in the hearts of all people. 

Everyone wants to be loved. And to love. We talk about it. Write song after song about it. But apart from the Lord, it’s always conditional love. Conditional love is broken love – because someone didn’t measure up. They failed. And with the failure, love disappeared. We soon get the message: “if we want to be loved, we have got to measure up.” Not only that, but conditional love often sets achievement levels that are beyond reach. So people go off looking for love in all the wrong places, places that are full of hurting people. Hurting people who minister rejection out of a fear of rejection.

We may enter into a competition for acceptance, approval, or affection. It generates alienation. One guy wins the girl, one girl wins the guy, and all the rest are losers -coping with rejection as best we can and entering the next competition for love full of the fear of rejection. Many give up.

Consider: the Father has not rejected anyone – Not even Jesus when He became our sin offering at Calvary. But it may have felt that way to Jesus. On the cross He quoted Ps 22:1 “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” The rejection feeling was the worst ever! When it was over, Jesus paraphrased the vs 39 of that Psalm, “He has done it” – or, “It is finished.” Jesus experienced this for us so we could experience God’s unconditional acceptance, His love, forever and ever!

God loves us unconditionally not because we are somebody; He loves us – and we become somebody! He loves us as if there were no one else to love! Nothing we can do can add to God’s love for us. Nothing we can do can lessen that love! 

But we can cooperate with that love. How? By receiving His love today and everyday. 

So today, receive the love of God, and COME ALIVE!


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