The Lesson – 153

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The other day my lovely wife commented: “Before you are able know who you are in Christ, you need to know who Jesus is.”

Jesus Christ is our focal point. Our identity comes – through Jesus. As we come to know, truly know – Him, and then who we are IN Him – we can more readily recognize what in this life comes from God, know what to resist, how to walk uprightly, and so much more. As believers we are sons of the Most High, the All Mighty God, who is Father. Who is love. But do we know that? 

People often read Mat 25:21, “…well done good and faithful servant….” And focus on service in their church, on the mission field and so forth. Please don’t stumble. Jesus spoke those words when the Old Covenant was still in effect.

Believers in Jesus have been adopted. We are sons. A son and a servant are very different persons! Servants are paid wages, punished if they do not perform. Sons serve without payment: the entire kingdom is theirs already! They serve – out of love. Doing God Stuff is their delight.

Jesus is our Redeemer. Purchaser. Savior. The tender mercies of God – the Dayspring from on high in the flesh. God revealer. Righteousness imparter. Baptizer in the Holy Spirit. Who has removed the separation between God and man. Judgment has been superseded – by Grace.

Until a person knows Jesus, and begins receiving the grace of God – they will see God as demanding. Expecting. Impersonal. With requirements. There will be that fear that they are ‘not good enough’ and fear that God will be disciplining – and by that they mean punishing them – for their failures. Many failures. 

True, Heb 12:5-11 speaks of God disciplining His children. But read it in the Message Bible for some insight. He instructs – Educates – not punish. He trains. Listen: God will not break your arm to teach you a lesson! Do you want a lesson from God? Ro 5:8 “…while we were yet sinners Christ died for us.” Now THAT’S A LESSON!

Today, consider God’s lessons through His Son – and COME ALIVE!


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