Jesus Forgives – 154

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As you come to know Jesus – and your new identity in Him – everything changes. It takes some time to grow into our new identity as Sons of God. The Gospels show again and again knowing who Jesus is comes by revelation knowledge, not book learning.

For example – in Lu 7:36-50 we find a woman washing Jesus’ feet with her tears. It’s found only in Luke’s Gospel.

Jesus is dining in the house of Simon the Pharisee. None of the customary greetings were given Him. No welcome kiss. No washing of His feet. No anointing of His head with oil. Simon certainly had no idea who Jesus REALLY was.

Dining typically took place in the inner courtyard, which usually had a pathway to the street. And along the pathway comes an immoral woman! Everyone tenses. Except for Jesus. She stands behind Jesus, and the Greek says she unleashed a flood of tears. Then undid her hair to wipe His feet – At the time, undoing one’s hair in public was a sinful act.

Kissed His feet, anointed His hair with the perfumed oil. Shocking everyone – but Jesus. Jesus receives her. Says she loved much. But that is not why she was forgiven.

You see, by faith it was revealed to her – JESUS – as one who would not reject her. She SAW JESUS as one who could and would forgive her. He could, and He did. It was her faith that had saved her, said Jesus. Luke 7:50.

Her faith, my friend. Her faith. As she approached Jesus, step by step – Love overwhelmed her – forgiveness enveloped her. She was loved – forgiven – she knew it by revelation knowledge. Just as Peter suddenly knew Jesus was the Christ, the Son of God.

It happened to me, Jan 18, 1976 when I stepped out of a church pew to respond to an altar call to declare Jesus my Savior and Lord. I took one step into the aisle, and – love overwhelmed me. I knew God was real, He loved me, He forgave me, He received me just as I was; BEFORE I could verbalize it, I knew it, and like that woman in Jesus’ day, a flood of tears poured down from my eyes. A flood my friend. A Holy Spirit flood.

Ask Jesus for revelation knowledge of Himself. Col 1:9-10. He WILL answer – and you’ll be well along to knowing who YOU ARE. You’ll COME ALIVE!


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