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At Hank’s Place we believe THE GRACE OF GOD is-  always – totally – completely – sufficient – for you, for me, for everyone – for all time!

I saw a FB post the other day that said, “Many want the anointing—but how many are willing to endure the crushing (picture of an olive) to produce the oil?” Really? Really? So pious, such a challenge. Are YOU WILLING to pay the price?

STOP right there my dear friend! This is bad thinking and defiled religion! When God looked around and saw there was no one – Is 59:16, HE bared His mighty right arm. HE sent forth a Savior. That Savior paid the price for everyone. To bring many sons to glory. New Creations – sons of God – in righteousness. YOU pay the price? Rubbish!

Consider Elijah – did he pay the price? Read 1 Ki 16-17. You’ll find repeatedly: “and the word of the Lord came to him.” To various prophets. Then Elijah suddenly appears, with the word of the Lord, and continues in the word of the Lord. Friend, Elijah heard, believed, acted. Where was the price?

Consider Elisha – did he pay the price? In 1 Kings 19:16 the Lord tells Elijah to anoint Elisha in his place. 3 verses later he tosses his mantle upon Elisha and Elisha responds, in faith, sacrificing his father’s oxen as an offering and followed Elijah. Where was the price?

How about when Elisha asks for a double portion of the anointing – 2 Ki 2:9-12. Elijah says, ‘now that’s a hard thing, but if you see me carried into heaven it will be so.’ To see? He saw! Faith! Elisha asked, and believed – and received!!! What price my friend, what price?

Consider Moses – did he pay the price? Exodus 3. Moses saw – the burning bush. He heard the voice of God. He removed his sandals. He believed. He received. 

Do you see? Even under the Old Covenant the anointing came ONE way: by faith. 

Oh, and John the Baptist – did he pay the price? Luke 3:2, “…the word of God came to John the son of Zechariah in the wilderness.” John heard, John believed, John received and acted.

OLD or NEW Covenant, the anointing comes but ONE way: by faith.

Today – do you desire a greater anointing? Then ask! Then hear – the word of the Lord. BELIEVE IT – and RESPOND! You’ll help many – COME ALIVE!


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2 Replies to “Price Paid – 152”

  1. Please keep me in prayer for having 3 month ct scans tomorrow for metastatic breast cancer that went to digestive system but thank God for past 6 months have shown no evidence of disease for first time since 2012.

    1. Faith wins the victory! Just as a little girl you had faith that your daddy could do everything – retain that simple faith that your Pappa God is able – and He gave His son in testimony of His great love for you, wow! We have prayed – we have expectations of good for the ‘morrow.

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