Truth Suppressors – 146

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The theme here at Hank’s Place in the New Year is CONTINUE IN THE GRACE OF GOD.

Not only is by grace through faith (Eph 2:8) the ONLY way we can be saved, grace is the only way by which we can have the strength to STAND in these wild days.

Around us it seems the world is falling apart at the seams. In the apostle Paul’s day – similar issues. But Paul was not shaken. Ha! In Romans 1, and the Romans were a very sophisticated society, and Rome was a turbulent place back then – he speaks of sharing the Gospel with the wise AND the foolish – of sharing with ALL cultures!

But there’s Paul! “For I am not ashamed of the gospel,” he writes, “for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes,” adding, “For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith” Ro 1:16-17.

Dear friend, I don’t know the culture or society where you work and live, but by the grace of God be strengthened, and never be ashamed of the Gospel! It’s the power of God – to save ANYONE who believes the Message concerning His son – eternally. 

And how is that Righteousness of God revealed in the Gospel?
1st that God is Righteous – and that Righteousness demands Sin be punished.
2nd that God is Love – and that love caused His Son to suffer and die at Calvary as OUR substitute.
3rd that Christ’s Righteousness is imputed to US believers. This is REALLY GOOD NEWS!

Still, men foolishly deny this Good News. They reject God’s LORDSHIP over them. They deny God’s existence, they refuse to honor Him – and miss the entire purpose of life. How foolish indeed!

Are you afraid to share the Gospel? FEAR NOT, but continue in the grace of God – listen to the Holy Spirit. Those ‘experts,’ the ‘qualified,’ those professing to be wise – have become fools. Ro 1:22. It’s their own doing. They are lonely, empty and lifeless on the inside. Don’t fear them. 

Perhaps you will even have opportunity to share the Good News with them. Wise man or fool, your culture or a strange one, if they believe and receive the Good News you share, they will –– Come Alive! Now how grand is that?!


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