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It’s the new year and here’s a New Year’s admonition. I didn’t say resolution. Some people call New Years resolutions simply a ‘to-do’ list for the 1st week of the new year, lol.

Here’s the admonition – it’s from Acts 13:43. Paul and Barnabas, after speaking in the synagogue at Pisidai Antioch, urged the people who believed their message to CONTINUE IN THE GRACE OF GOD. What a great word – GRACE. The Grace of God – He gives us favor unconditionally – we can’t earn it – we can only receive it. Many try to earn it and go empty handed. Don’t that be you my friend!

Are you working so hard that you are on the verge of burnout? CONTINUE IN THE GRACE OF GOD.
Worried that you are not doing enough for Jesus? CONTINUE IN THE GRACE OF GOD.
Are you distracted by generational curses, demons, end times anxiety, idle talk? CONTINUE IN THE GRACE OF GOD.
Are you facing financial difficulties, sickness or demonic oppression? CONTINUE IN THE GRACE OF GOD.

Want to make something of your life in 2019? Simply CONTINUE IN THE GRACE OF GOD.

When it comes to God and our relationship with Him, it is GRACE from start to finish. There is nothing else we need. And nothing else that will help.

GRACE comes to us by faith alone. Eph 2:8. So to continue in GRACE really is the same as what I said at the end of last year: continue in the faith. GRACE – it’s really another word for JESUS – John 1:16 says “For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.”

Think about it. And how about this year we resolve to keep our eyes upon JESUS. He is the faithful One. He will see us through. He will help us; He will do the impossible for us.
Yes, this year, let’s receive from Him grace upon grace.

Speak with Him – often. He always has time for His children. He created time; He created us. Whatever our problems may be, Jesus is our total, complete, all in one solution!

And you know what? As we continue in the GRACE of God – we COME ALIVE!


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