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Religion has preached against sin for centuries – and the result: more sin. That’s because religion tells us WE have to try harder. And harder. Again. We’re being taught to have confidence in your own ability to resist sin, rather than have faith in Jesus’ sacrifice.

Religion tells us, if we sin, to repent, to restore, to renounce and more; but the Holy Spirit reveals Jesus and His supernatural grace. Which would you rather have when you sin? Hmmm?

Remember, God so loved THE WORLD that He sent His son – and while we were yet sinners, Jesus Christ died for us. NOTHING can separate us from this love of God, not even our sin. Ro 8:35. Our righteous deeds could not qualify us in the eyes of God; neither can our unrighteous deeds disqualify us. The Holy Spirit is the eternal guarantee of your approval. 2 Cor 1:22.

Religion tells us God loves us. And that God hates us. That we will see and experience His grace only as we get things right. That’s wrong! Grace is for those who NEED it, not for those who EARN it. Grace is for you and me my friend.

Many people think grace and greasy go together, a license to sin. True, God’s grace means FREEDOM – even freedom to make POOR choices. But using that freedom to be enslaved to sin again is really really DUMB. As Paul cautions in Ro 6:1, it’s crazy to think that we can sin so grace can abound all the more – because sin enslaves a person and can destroy them!

Once a person begins to understand Calvary, and what Jesus has done for us there, it’s no longer easy to sin – for we realize we are dead to sin, so how can we live in it any longer? Ro 6:2. Those who willfully sin under the covering of God’s grace don’t understand their salvation, if indeed they are saved at all!

In conclusion, Titus 2:12 says grace, far from being a license to sin, teaches us to say NO to ungodliness and worldly desires. So, don’t fear Grace. Rather,

embrace God’s grace — and COME ALIVE!


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