Green—or Roasted #115

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Today we have – Illustrations.

Here we have a bowl of coffee beans. (point to beans) Green. Unroasted. 100% the genuine article plucked from the coffee bushes. When the beans are subjected to high temperatures, they transform into this: (point to bowl of roasted beans). Into something wonderful. Having aroma. Flavor. Taste. Desirable. The heat was external and it transformed those beans.

Can you see that there is no going back for those beans? A coffee bean may continue to think, if it could think, that it is the same old green bean it always was from inception, without flavor, aroma, taste—but it is not! It has been transformed. That bean needs to have its coffee bean mind renewed to the truth of what it has become. To put off the old thinking and think according to the truth. 

It is the same for you and I – we have been transformed by a power external to ourselves: the Holy Spirit! And it is permanent. Friend, if you are in Christ, you are a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come. 2 Cor 5:17. What once was true about you is no longer true. Renew your mind to God’s truth. You are a new creation and there is no going back!

But we do not yet appear as who we really are! Recently I was in the Franklin, NJ Mining Museum. It holds the world’s largest collection of fluorescent rocks. Here they are. (rocks in regular light). They look like everyday rocks. Completely ordinary. But in ultraviolet light they are gorgeous! Incredibly beautify! (photo)

The world might tell these rocks that they are still ordinary. But something has happened with these rocks! Like YOU! A geologist might ‘find fault’ with my example, but I’m sure you get the point! 

Dear Christian, you may look plain and ordinary on the outside, but Christ is IN you and makes you to shine! Maybe not to everyone but to those who can see in the spirit — they will see: that you have COME ALIVE!


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