Living Grace Support Group

Empowering the Body of Christ with simple, innovative and grace-filled mental health support and tools

Living Grace Group is a 16-week curriculum and evidence-based approach providing validating support, helpful biblical and clinical insights, and various practical tools to empower personal well-being and greater hope.

Living Grace offers topics designed to provide helpful biblical and clinical understanding and practical tools to navigate any mental health journey.
Topics include:
Identity, Stigma, Medication, Healthy Thinking, Rest / Relaxation and Joy, Cycles and Triggers, Mindfulness, Staying Resilient, and more!

Come Alive Ministries is facilitating
this group in Cedar Park, TX.

Living Grace Support Group began 
Thursday, February 8th - awesome!  
Cedar Park TEXAS
Contact us NOW for information about time/place

The Living Grace course is from Grace Alliance. Grace Alliance is a non-profit organization providing mental health recovery programs, support groups, training, and collaborative partnerships.